Robert Van Arlen Videos

Watch the videos above and below to see Robert Van Arlen in action. Robert continues to speak at leadership, sales, and service conferences worldwide. He is an expert in transforming corporate culture through increased engagement. His expertise has helped revolutionize companies both from the bottom up and top down approaches. Robert is available for keynote speeches, sales and leadership training, executive and internal coaching, development programs, company retreats, and more. Robert has developed innovative techniques to measure engagement and culture, which has been adopted by organizations worldwide. His approach to increasing engagement and enhancing culture is considered cutting edge and creative. He is considered as a disrupter across industries for his novel approach to changing company cultures. Robert is a highly sought after speaker in the healthcare, financial, legal, technology, education, pharmaceutical business sectors and more. He has spoken in 5 continents and 15 different countries, giving over a 1,000 presentations during 20 years of his speaking career. Robert’s keynote speeches have reached hundreds of thousands of people and have inspired people of all ages. He has developed a concept called multi-dimensional growth as his platform for leadership growth. During keynote speeches, Robert uses many forms of engagement to support his message, which may include piano performance or instruments provided to each audience member. His largest audience to date exceeded 16,000 attendees. In addition to keynote speeches, Robert, delivers half-day and full day workshops.
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