Robert Van Arlen has delivered over 1,000 speaking engagements on 5 continents and 15 countries.

Keynote Speech and Development Programs

Robert Van Arlen’s keynote speeches and training programs are engaging and experiential. He uses a variety of creative tools and techniques to support his message and content. Many of Robert’s program topics are offered both as keynotes or development programs.
Keynote Speeches

Robert Van Arlen captivates every audience through his ability to relate memorable stories through both life experiences and through relationships with some of the top business leaders in their industry. Every speech is carefully constructed with knowledge and research of best practices, as well as multi-dimensional engagement.

Leadership Training

Robert Van Arlen’s Multi-dimensional Growth, the Game Changer is a new way of thinking. This dynamic training program incorporates hands-on & real world examples of the best practices from top American and European companies. Multi-dimensional growth reflects inward and moves outward to create an ecosystem for success.


Robert’s coaching programs include both executive coaching, personal development and entrepreneurial strategies . He also provides support and coaching for individuals who wish to transition into speaking careers. Robert’s coaching provides the guidance and structure to stay focused on initiatives that matter.

Over 75% of Robert’s clients rebook him for additional programs during the first 12 months of his initial engagement.

Keynote Speech Topics

The Journey to Excellence

Robert Van Arlen shares his own inspirational journey to excellence and achievement. His story illustrates the power of differentiation, mentorship, focus, potential, and accomplishment. He performs original compositions on the piano during his presentation. This speech is a great fit for leadership teams, associations, academic institutions, and conference topics related to change, innovation, and creativity. Audience Target: Leadership, Service, Sales, Technology
Keynote Speech Format: Duration 45-90 Minutes

You Are the Conductor, Let’s Orchestrate

Sales teams have goals that typically increase year over year. Robert Van Arlen ignites sales professionals focusing on how to build invaluable relationships with customers. The takeaways are… Finding and using your natural gifts to connect with customers Expanding your referral sources by building a strategic community Presenting a value proposition that wins every time Musicians will wait for the cue from the conductor to wholeheartedly play their section of the musical piece. They play with passion, because they understand that they are part of an orchestra, and every instrument counts towards creating a masterful performance. Many sales environments today require a team approach to create lasting customer solutions. To achieve success, sales teams today must be able to both define and communicate through education how solutions will bring about transformation to customers. This topic can be delivered as a keynote or development program. Audience Target: Sales Teams
Keynote Speech Format: Duration 45-90 minutes
Development Program: half-day/full day

Ready to Ignite!

When supported by inspiring content, sales teams, product launches, vision alignment, and/or new innovation releases can lead to record setting performance. Robert Van Arlen’s igniting message is motivational and inspires thought and desire to succeed. Attendees learn how their behavior and actions can put them in a optimal position to win. Robert answers many questions, including why it’s important being a student of the game, how top performers in their industries think, and what is the best way to break through barriers.
Keynote Speech Format: Duration 45-90 Minutes

Multi-Dimensional Growth, The Game Changer!

Growth based on profit is measured by an up or down trajectory. Multi-dimensional growth is measured by engagement, mastery, genre of excellence, and community. In this keynote/development program, C-Level executives learn how to apply strategic paradigms that lead to measurable growth in people, presence, productivity, innovation, and culture. The measurement from multi-dimensional growth goes well beyond previous performance. It includes the ability to measure and capture potential, which establishes a foundation for market dominance. Multi-dimensional growth reflects inward and moves outward to create an ecosystem for success.
Keynote Speech Format: Duration 45-90 minutes
Development Program: half-day/full day

Robert Van Arlen Global Coaching

Executive Coaching

How do you revolutionize your organization? How can you exceed your own expectations and encourage your organization to follow suit? How can you maneuver through the difficulties that arise as an executive? How do you hone your leadership skills and disrupt your industry?

Personal Coaching

How will your life look different if you could be personally fulfilled, cultivate and enhance robust personal and business relationships, and transform your career and/or business?

Speaking Coaching

Do you want to transition into a speaking career and you’re not sure where to start? Need an experienced, successful speaker who can help you build and manage your platforms, decks, and speakers bureaus?
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Coaching Process

  • Clarity on purpose (Defining your Why)
  • Beyond you (How does achieving your goals impact others around you?)
  • Identifying your limiting factors (What’s stopping your progress?)
  • Developing your strategic plan (What are your intervals of progress?)
  • Identifying and engaging support team members (Who can help you?)
  • Understanding change (What changes for you if you achieve your goals?)