Keynote Speech

Living Your Best Note

How will Robert’s keynote speech benefit your team? This keynote provides insight into self-reflection, team dynamics, and ultimately accountability through presenteeism. Individuals understand why and how their participation can drive overall success both personally and professionally, by Living Your Best Note. 

The prelude in Robert’s speech eloquently examines the value of preparation and personal accountability. From corporate teams to sports teams, preparation at all time is crucial to winning. Robert transition to a position of purpose and how purpose correlates to drive and focus. He shares how his grandmother through her life of purpose, helped shaped his direction so he could live his best note.

Keynote Speech

The Second Verse

The Second Verse is the follow-up to Every Note Matters. In this speech, Robert unleashes the power of choice, which is capable of transforming the relationship with ourselves, team members, and community. Robert shares a personal story of his relationship with his father that was absent for 40 years. The reconnection occurred through an email message, which led to him and his father jamming together on a piano. Robert was also able to meet his half-sister for the first time, who is also a singer-songwriter with a PHD in Organizational Development. The choices we make in life may require forgiveness, an open heart, and an understanding the some of our most difficult choices can bring some of our greatest joy.

Robert Discusses Every Note Matters

Prior to an event, Robert shares the purpose of ``Every Note Matters``

Every Note Matters Retreats and Coaching Coming Soon!

Robert has delivered numerous retreats and coaching programs. Last year alone over 4,000 individuals participated in his ``Every Note Matters`` programs. New updates to programs are coming soon and will be announced.