In many of his keynote speeches, Robert Van Arlen incorporates piano or other musical performances to illustrate creativity, innovation, and teamwork. He also provides tonal tubes which allows for audience participation and engagement throughout the presentation. His largest audience in the past has included over 16,000 participants. Robert’s presentations provide an extraordinary experience of alignment through the creation of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Engagement Matters

Robert Van Arlen is known for layering a variety of engagement techniques and instruments to captivate the audience during his speeches or training programs. Robert’s keynotes and programs are never boring – most audience members describe his keynotes and programs as extremely engaging, funny, experiential, and unforgettable. He often incorporates live music performance and/or provides instruments for audience participation.
Robert loves sharing his original music, and has composed many songs. Robert’s inspiration for his music comes from his daily life, travels, nature, and jazz musicians, such as Erroll Garner. These are just a few sample tracks of Robert’s music. You can purchase his album, “Beyond the Sierra” for $4.99 on iTunes.
Robert will donate all proceeds from his new CD “Beyond the Sierra” to Mending Kids, a charity that pays for the cost of much needed surgeries for children around the world. To date, over 1,000 life saving surgeries have been performed with the help of Mending Kids, and over 400 surgeries will be paid for by them this year. 92 percent of donations collected directly funds these surgeries.

Sample Tracks

Desert Sunset
Desert Sunset
Later Never Comes
Robert Van Arlen’s “Beyond the Sierra” album is available on iTunes.