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Building an Engaging and Inspiring Culture

Every organization, no matter how small or large, can benefit from an increase in engagement. Since company culture impacts your organization’s employee satisfaction, customer happiness, and overall growth, building an engaging culture in your organization can result in complete transformation and revolution. Before starting the process, you must assess where your company is currently at to determine which steps are most beneficial and effective to improve your company’s culture.

Leadership is linked to the company culture. A great leadership team emphasizes building cultures that foster growth and creativity. They understand how culture affects bottom-line results. One of the greatest benefits of an engaging culture is in the area of recruiting. Top talent typically finds this type of culture an attractive environment and want to stay in a company that has fostered an engaging and motivating company culture. Costs from high turnover can be devastating for any company. A focus on culture can result in both short and longterm benefits.

This culture questionnaire is designed to help you find out where your organization stands in terms of company culture and the level of engagement in your company. Not only does it assess the level of engagement, but at the end of the culture questionnaire, you will be directed to the results that explain what your next steps are to engage your culture. The culture questionnaire was developed by Robert Van Arlen Global.

What Happens With Performance When Your Culture Fires on All Cylinders?

This Hierarchy Chart Provides a Quick Summary. A Culture Report is Provided Immediately after the Questionnaire.

Robert Van Arlen Culture Pyramid