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What level would you rate your organization’s alignment to its vision and purpose?

Know your Purpose: What is your vision and purpose as a company? Knowing your vision is also knowing the outcomes for your customers, employees, and the community. When your team members are aligned to a vision, they strive to achieve excellence and clearly understand the goals and direction of the organization.

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What level would you rate the overall engagement and inspiration of your organization’s culture?

Do you know what your employees say, why they stay, and what makes them thrive? When a team is engaged, they understand the goals and how their work helps with the achievement of objectives overall. Then, the culture is supportive and teamwork is demonstrated on a consistent basis.

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What level would you rate the passion in your organization?

Do your employees and teams love their work because of the culture? Are they going through their daily job requirements just for a paycheck? Passion can be measured and is easily identifiable because employees express themselves in both verbal and non-verbal actions. What is the conversation in your break rooms? Is your turnover rate above or below industry average? When answering this question, consider these factors.

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What level would you rate your dominant area of excellence?

Your dominate area of excellence is what you know as an organization to be the activity or activities that you lead in your industry. Are you a leader in sales, service, marketing, innovation, or some other area? How has your ability to dominate in excellence impacted your growth in performance and human resources?

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What level would your customers rate your organization’s dominant area(s) of excellence?

Your customers are one of your best sources of feedback. Your dominant area(s) of excellence is defined as your leading actions/activities where you excel. It can be service, marketing, manufacturing, support, or any activity that has a direct impact on your customers. Are your customers aware that you dominate in this activity? How would your customers rate you?

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What level would you rate your relationship with your vendors and suppliers, specifically the knowledge gained from them?

Your vendors and suppliers can provide a wealth of industry knowledge. They are great resources for competitive intelligence and have the ability to provide direct feedback on industry trends. An engaging culture can help facilitate strong relationships with vendors and suppliers, as they are part of your cultures ecosystem.

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What level would you rate your key customer strategy?

Have you defined a key customer strategy? An engaging culture provides the opportunity for your employees and teams to give input on the best ways to support and grow key customers. The loss of a key customer can be devastating if they are a main source of revenue. You can be assured that your competitors are always knocking on the door of your key customers with lower prices and other incentives.

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How would you rate your organization’s investment in growing creatively?

Growing creatively requires the proper environment. The organization needs to make a commitment to allow for productive brainstorming sessions and create a process to capture ideas and potential new innovation. The hiring practice of the organization is one that seeks out individuals that may not have the experience that meets the work criteria, but they also may have an entrepreneurial capabilities of coming up with new ideas that are feasible to adopt.

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How would you rate your organization’s commitment to innovation?

Innovation is necessary to stay relevant as an organization. To be successful with innovation, it must be a part of the organization’s strategic plan. Innovation requires capital, resources, and a strategy, which includes the internal assessment of innovation capability and a external market analysis of where your organization is at all times. A highly engaging culture is one that embraces innovation and rewards those for their accomplishments.

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What level would you rate the alignment of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to your organization’s vision and or purpose?

Corporate Social Responsibility provides a strategy for employee and team engagement. Organizations that are successful in their CSR have a longterm plan in place and make it part of their strategic plan. When answering this question, think about the level of engagement from your teams as it relates to your CSR and also think about weather or not you have a longterm plan in place and if it is part of an ongoing strategy.

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