Hi, I'm Robert Van Arlen and I want to see you and your team succeed.

Engaging Keynote Speaker

Robert Van Arlen is considered one of the most charismatic and engaging keynote speakers in the professional development industry. During some of his keynote speeches, Robert plays original compositions or provides each audience member with an instrument, which is part of what makes his keynotes exceptionally engaging. His delivery and audience engagement create a memorable experience for everyone.

About Robert

Robert is an engaging keynote speaker with international experience, digital media creator, and scalable entrepreneur. In addition to innovating and implementing business models that helped in the transition from print to CD-ROM and online technologies, his models for adapting to change have been adopted across many industries. Furthermore, he is known for his focus on professional development for positive change in the workplace, and developing individual and team excellence. By helping people become more focused and productive, ultimately, he’s been able to transform company cultures.

Robert also founded two companies, Robert Van Arlen Global and PowerU360.

By focusing on personal and professional development, Robert has been able to motivate and inspire positive change in teams and companies worldwide.

As an engaging keynote speaker, Robert shares his experience, research, and dynamic case studies during his individual and team training programs. Additionally, he is a certified facilitator for Developing High-Performance Organizations (DHPO).

Notable clients include Henkel Corporation, SkyMall, Cigna, Starwood Hotels, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Lufthansa, U.S. Federal Government, Verizon, and Proctor & Gamble.


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It is my goal to provide meaningful and applicable content during each keynote speech. My differentiation includes, many times, advance client visits to experience the culture prior to my speaking or training program.

  • Content development that incorporates your goals
  • Audience engagement to keep attendees’ attention
  • Creativity to expand mindsets
  • Humor to evoke positive emotions

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