Do you find yourself running in a million different directions each day?  Well, the clock still only has 24 hours in a day and the calendar still only has 7 days in a week. You are not alone!

Millions of Americans try to find a way to take a break during their busy day. Everyone knows it is important to slow down and take at least one break throughout the day.  Your overall mind, body and spirit depend on you taking care of you.

Here are some good tips:

Slow down in the morning.  Enjoy the sunrise.  Smell the fresh air and enjoy the view or take different route to the office. Break your morning routine. Add music to your commute.  Pick a song of the day and take it with you throughout the day.

Plan meals in order to pay attention to your best daily nutrition.  Skipping meals will add stress.  Try turning three meals into six smaller dining experiences throughout the day.  With appropriate planning you can choose correct amounts of food, be aware of everything that goes into your system and feel that you are helping yourself as opposed to punishing yourself by a strict diet. If you pack your lunch, you’ll enjoy it more if you’re not at your desk. Go outside and have a picnic or join others in a common area.

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.  No matter the weather outside, your body inside is always thirsty. Your overall energy depends on you being hydrated. Water is the purest way of removing toxins from your body and revitalizing it. You should try to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume in a day as it counteracts the benefits of your water intake by dehydrating the body. Avoid energy boosting drinks and heavily caffeinated beverages. If caffeine is something you’re used to, compliment intake with sips of water, too.

Dress comfortably.  Tight clothes and shoes restrict movement and make you feel restrained.  Being able to move around easily and be comfortable is a key component to staying focused at work and reducing stress.

Pause every now and then when at work so you can stretch your body and take deep, cleansing breaths. This will help you feel rejuvenated. Sitting at your computer for long periods will lead to sleepiness. Get up periodically, stretch and breathe or go outside and take a quick walk around the block.

Socialize with colleagues. This will definitely pick up your spirit and reenergize your attitude.  Ask questions, even if you know the answer.  Always good to seek other opinions and keep your mind open.  However, avoid distractions that are not work related and can change your mood or work environment.

Smile.  It increases your face value!  The act of smiling often, even for no reason, will reduce your blood pressure and reduce stress.  And, of course, laugh too!  Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Enjoy a relaxing drive home.  Again, break up the driving routine by going a different route or listening to different music than the morning’s tunes.

Take time to prepare a nice dinner and enjoy it with family, friends or alone—as long as you are taking time for you at the end of the day.

Get the sleep your body and mind needs to feel revitalized. Losing sleep just one night can take a week to repair. It’s great to get seven hours of rest at night and maintain a consistent sleep schedule, including the weekends.

You are your own best asset.  Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Seek harmony and stay focused!

Robert Van Arlen – Keynote Speaker and Business Strategist

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