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Robert Van Arlen, engaging keynote speaker, helps transform company culture.

One of the most charismatic keynote speakers in professional development

I help transform your work culture for personal and team excellence. That means you’ll also learn how to live your best note. For organizations, I offer Every Note Matters keynote speeches and training programs to transform teams and company culture.

Bring an Every Note Matters mindset into your work culture

I use a creative and engaging approach because I believe “Every Note Matters.” As a keynote speaker, I show you what it means to apply this belief. You’ll discover the power to harmonize, and what your best notes are. From then on, you can create excellence wherever you go.

My corporate background includes 15 years in the global legal publishing industry. I’ve lead various organizations in the US and Canada through change. I delivered keynote speeches and training programs for teams of multinational companies, global associations, and academic institutions, as well as leaders in governance.

Develop high-performing teams.
Improve your employees’ experience.
Inspire personal growth.

Transform your team with me as your next keynote speaker.

The Craft Podcast

The Art of Business, Relationships & Cocktails

Join us each week at the Hotel Valley Ho between 3-5pm. Each week I will feature special guests that are experts in business, relationships and more. Hotel Valley Ho mixologist will provide a special craft cocktail for each show.

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  • The Craft Podcast - Episode 29 "The Generational Entrepreneurship Platform" November 3, 2022
    Devin Butler founder of Arizona Entrepreneurs continues to build a community of entrepreneurs hungry for growth and knowledge. The organization brings together like-minded people through community and events and helps them to take their business to the next level through a wide range of business resources. During this podcast, he shares with Host, Robert Van […]
    Robert van Arlen
  • The Craft Podcast - Episode 28 "The Origin of the Craft" Guest Robert Van Arlen & Chris Smith October 26, 2022
    Drew Grunwald is the host of this episode. Drew has been a previous guest and host of many radio shows. As Chris and Robert wanted to showcase their journey, stepping into this role was natural for Drew. The origin story of "The Craft" is inspiring. The guys also share insights into more to come during […]
    Robert van Arlen
  • The Craft Podcast - Episode 27 "Igniting 45,000 Fans Live" With Guest Mike Bauer October 6, 2022
    Mike Bauer, the host/emcee for the AZ Diamond, is the guest of this exciting show. For 20 years has been responsible for engaging fans during games and large events across multiple professional sports. Mike continues to host drive-time sports talk radio programs. Every week during the season, Mke humbly engages and entertains 45,000 fans while […]
    Robert Van Arlen
  • The Craft Podcast - Episode 26 "An Actors Dream" with Jason Hervey July 14, 2022
    The Craft Podcast Guest at 4, Jason Hervey, began his career appearing in over 250 commercials for some of America's favorite brands. Before long, his visibility from the various commercials led him to several appearances in some of television's most notable shows. He also appeared in cameo roles in such feature films as Back to […]
    Robert Van Arlen
We recently completed an executive retreat with Robert Van Arlen, with the purpose of coming up with initiatives that would help grow our culture. The breakthroughs were tremendous, and we are committed to moving forward with our plan.
_Correna Z.,HR Director
Robert facilitated his “Every Note Matters” retreat with our management team and provided a keynote for our employees and contract staff. When you manage one of the largest stadiums in the country, every note does matter.
_Patrick T.,General Manager
My team and I have partnered with Robert on multiple Executive Committee retreats.  His flexibility and enthusiasm to customize our agendas provide for a more efficient and gratifying experience, which has resulted in consistent achievement of our goals.
_Ronen A.,General Manager
Robert spent an entire week with our hospital and inspired our 3,000 caregivers over multiple sessions.  Each session he further connected with our caregivers in meaningful ways.  His high energy approach got everyone engaged and left everyone with a personal connection to melody, harmony, and rhythm of ourselves and our
_Jeremy Z. ,Cheif Executive
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Every Note Matters

A philosophy based on purpose, engagement, and performance.

Like an orchestra, you and your team work toward a shared goal. In Every Note Matters speeches and training programs, you’ll learn how to create a melody with your team. You’ll learn how skills and a shared sense of purpose can energize and unite your team.

Begin to experience personal and team engagement that makes a difference. See how engagement can propel teams toward your business goals.

Discover your ability to create harmony in your team as a leader or contributor and find out how that is paramount for your culture. Implement Every Note Matters lessons that lead to supportive workplace experiences, where performance is not sacrificed.

For keynote speeches and training programs, start here.

New Webinar: The 4 Day Work Week or Bust

Robert Van Arlen shares insight on why and how to implement the 4 Day Work Week on your team.
This is part of the Every Note Matters Platinum Webinar Series.

4 Day Work Week or Bust By Robert Van Arlen

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